Where do you Read with your Child?

Mother with daughter read a book in the park
It’s nice to have a special place and time where you and your child can read in comfort without any distractions. Reading aloud to your child every day can have a positive impact on your child’s reading success, and creating your own reading sanctuary where you can interact one-on-one, with minimal outside disturbances, gives your child the chance to focus their attention on reading and committing to memory all the new words, phrases, and concepts.

If you usually read indoors, a move outdoors into the fresh air and sunshine can act as a welcome change to your child, who may feel inhibited and lacking inspiration when confined to a room. Try experimenting with some fun and interesting places like under a tree or even in the cubby house – alternating your reading places will keep your child looking forward to the next reading time!

While many parents might find themselves dedicating bedtime as a regular reading time, try not to limit your child’s reading to just before they sleep. While a good story may help your child get to sleep easier, they may not be able to remember and focus on the story as well as during the day.

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