The Value of Positive Reinforcement

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For a child, learning to read can sometimes be a daunting experience, and they can easily lose confidence if they feel overwhelmed or are confronted with difficult words or phrases. Therefore it’s essential that you continually make an effort to praise your child for all their early attempts at reading.

Positive reinforcement is a very valuable tool to help your child learn to read. Not only does it make them aware that they have done something correctly, it helps boost their confidence and keep them motivated to continue learning, and perhaps, start tackling more difficult stories or books.

Simple rewards like an encouraging word, smile, or even a hug are effective ways to communicate to your child that they are on the right track – whether it’s pronouncing a word correctly, recalling vocabulary from memory, or reading a sentence fluently. You may also choose to reward your child with something they can touch, for example a sticker, upon completion of a story.

It is important to have a positive attitude when you read with your child. If they say something incorrectly, resist saying ‘No, that’s wrong’, instead, say ‘Let’s read it together’ and point to the words as you say them.

Without positive reinforcement, your child may quickly lose confidence in their ability and, in turn, may lose motivation to learn. Your child’s level of motivation can greatly affect how effectively they learn, so make sure you give them positive encouragement at key points throughout their learning adventure to keep them eager to take on new challenges!

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