Building Vocabulary with Everyday Activities

Building Vocab Everyday ActivitiesLearning to read and write while performing everyday activities is a great way to keep your child interested and motivated. Your child can learn a range of new words just by doing simple tasks around the house, and they will learn that reading isn’t confined to books.

Some everyday activities that you can use to teach your child include:


Get your child in the kitchen this weekend. Cooking together is not only a lot of fun, but also allows your child to see you following recipes from cookbooks and reading instructions on packages.


Next time you go shopping with your child, try pointing out signs, labels and writing on packages. This will teach your child that printed things have meaning.

Looking at photos

Family photograph albums are a great way to identify proper nouns. Talk to your child about the names of the people and the places in the photographs. Explain how they each need a capital letter when they are written down because they are proper nouns.

Going through old magazines

Old magazines can be used for a variety of activities including searching for and circling particular words, and or cutting out individual letters or sight words to create a collage e.g. words that begin with the letter ‘o.’

Keep a list of words

Encourage your child to keep a list of unfamiliar words that they may have encountered when reading. Make sure they find the definition for each of these words. This is a great way for your child to commit the new words to memory.

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