Reading Variety and Learning New Words

Reading Variety and Learning New WordsGiving your child access to a variety of reading material at home is one of the best ways to expose them to a wide range of new words to enrich their vocabulary.

As your child discovers new stories and sources of reading material, they will continue to encounter words that they haven’t read before. Exposure to different types of text in different formats will introduce your child to new words in new contexts – words that they can add to their increasing vocabulary.

Your child’s reading doesn’t have to be limited to just story books. Exposure to different types of text in different formats will help them develop both their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Even daily tasks that you perform can pose as fun new reading opportunities for you and your child to explore. For example, you and your child can read the instructions on the back of a box, or you can sit together and write a letter, or you can even both simply read signs on the street or at the shops.

When reading something new together, make sure that you point out and explain any new words, including their meaning and how they should be pronounced. Later that day, you can ask your child to see if they remember what the new word was, and perhaps even what it means and how it is spelled. If they remember all these things, challenge them to use the new word in a sentence.

A great school holiday idea to expand your child’s reading is to take them to join the local library! Going to the library is like a fun excursion away from home, and the range of books on offer will be sure to spark your child’s interest in reading.

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