5 Ways to Help Your Toddler Learn to Read

  1. 5 Ways to Help Your Toddler Learn to ReadSing Nursery Rhymes – nursery rhymes like “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “Hey Diddle Diddle” are not only fun to sing together, but also help your child develop phonemic awareness, that is, the ability to hear and identify the sounds that make up words. Nursery rhymes and children’s songs are great learning tools as they feature alliteration, rhyming words and catchy melodies that aid in a child’s retention of new words.
  2. Play Language Games – Playing a game like “I Spy” is great way for your child to observe the world around them and use words and language to describe it. Playing language games will do more than make learning fun; they will also build your child’s aural and spoken vocabulary which will help them when it comes time to read.
  3. Read With Your Child – familiarise your child with books, pointing out the cover, the spine, and how to turn the pages. Point to the words as you read them and try to point out the connection between the pictures and the words on the page. If your child is a wiggler and it’s a struggle for them to sit still for long, find books with flaps or pulls, anything that you think might engage them for just a bit longer.
  4. Ask Questions – when reading to your child, ask them questions about the story to keep them engaged. For example, you can ask them who the main character is, where the story is set, or at the end of a page, simply what happened. Questions like these get kids thinking about the content of the story and help build those important comprehension skills.
  5. Have Fun – Make reading and learning a fun experience for your child, not only so they stay motivated and eager to learn, but so they develop a positive attitude towards reading that will stay with them for life.

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