5 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Spelling

Learning to spell can often be far trickier for children than learning to read – even some adults have trouble spelling! Try these 5 tips to help improve your child’s spelling:

  1. Create a Word Wall – designate a space easily accessible to your child – whether on the fridge, a whiteboard, or simply a piece of paper hung on the wall – where they can write any new words they encounter. With every glance at the word wall, your child will reinforce their memory of these new words, as well as have a handy reference to check their spelling.
  2. Circle words – when your child makes an attempt at writing, ask them to circle the words they are unsure of. It’s a good idea to add these words to your word wall so they are continually exposed to their correct spelling throughout the day.
  3. Keep a Spelling Journal – your child may have the tendency to ask you the spelling of certain words when they write. A great idea to encourage self-sufficiency and reinforce their memory is to keep a spelling journal. At the top of each page they can write a letter of the alphabet – page 1 being ‘A’, page 2 ‘B’ and so on. Before your child asks you how to spell a word, ask them to check if that word is already in their journal. If not, ask them to write the correct spelling of the word on the appropriate page. Their spelling journal will eventually fill with words and become an invaluable learning reference.
  4. Word of the Week – assign your child a particular word for the week and challenge them to try and use it when writing. The spelling of this word can be slightly more difficult than the words they usually learn to spell. Make sure you congratulate them each time they use this word and spell it correctly.
  5. Record and play back words – Use your phone to record your child reading the words on their word wall. Play back this recording and ask them to spell each word as they are spoken (pausing when necessary). The aural stimulation of hearing their own voice reading the words combined with writing the same words down provides a multi-sensory experience that helps memory retention and provides a fun new way to learn spelling!

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