5 Tips to Help a Struggling Reader

5 Tips to Help a Struggling ReaderEarly detection of reading struggles is the key to turning them around. Signs that your child may be struggling with reading may include:

  • Reading slowly.
  • Difficulty sounding out words.
  • Not understanding words, even though they are able to read them.
  • Difficulty with even the simplest of rhymes, e.g. identifying words that rhyme with ‘cat.’
  • Lack of comprehension due to disproportionate effort spent trying to sound out words.
  • Difficulty matching sounds with letters.

If your child is struggling with one or more of the above, it’s important they practise the particular skill they have difficulty with until they catch up with their peers. Make sure you address any difficulties as early as possible, as the longer your child struggles, the more confidence they will lose.

Some tips to help your child improve their reading include:

  1. Encourage your child to read aloud whenever possible, e.g. road signs, advertisements, instructions etc.
  2. When attempting to read a word out loud, ask your child to look at all the letters and sound each one out, instead of concentrating on just the first one or two.
  3. Read portions of text aloud to your child and have them follow the words with their finger. Then ask your child to read the text back to you.
  4. Repetition is key. Read your child’s favourite book to them over and over again. Have them read that book aloud as well. The more familiar they are with the text, the more fluent they will become.
  5. When reading a story with your child, stop at appropriate places to ask questions like: “Does this make sense?” “Why do you think the character just did?” “What do you think the character will do next?”

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