3 Fun Games to Improve Vocabulary

3 Fun Games to Improve VocabularyFind a Word

Choose a word that your child doesn’t know and ask them to find the word in any books, magazines, newspapers – or anything else they can read. Once your child has found the word, ask them to choose another word that they already know and to find two examples of this word used in different ways. For example, the word ‘cook’ can be used as both a noun; ‘the cook prepared a delicious meal’ or as a verb; ‘we are going to cook dinner tonight.’

Make sure your child writes down these words and their definitions in a notebook, including the sentences they were found in so that they remember the different ways the same word can be used.

Word Groups

This is a word association game where you write down a word and ask your child to write down as many related words as they can. For example, for the word ‘vegetable’ they can list ‘carrot, potato, pumpkin’ etc, or for the word ‘dinner’ they can list ‘plates, eating, cooking, forks’ etc. This game is a very effective way for children to expand their vocabulary as writing words around a common theme makes it easier for them to commit these words to memory.

Complete the Word

Create a list of compound words, for example, ‘themselves, inside, something, anybody’ etc. Read this list out to your child, but only read the first part of each word, for example, ‘them’ in ‘themselves’, and ask your child to work out the rest of the word. There are many compound words that start with the same word and end in different words, for example, ‘anybody’, ‘anything’, ‘anywhere’, so if your child guesses one of these, challenge them to try and list all the others.

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