3 Story Writing Tips for Kids

3 Story Writing Tips for KidsStory writing is a great way for children to use their imagination and practise their writing. It’s a good idea for them to practise story writing as it is something they will need to do in school. Sometimes it can be challenging for children to come up with ideas for stories, getting these ideas onto paper and writing their story in the correct structure. Some effective ways to help your child with their story writing include:

1. Create a Story Board

A story board is a series of pictures that tell a story. It resembles a comic strip and can be a fun way for a child to plan their story as it allows them to draw pictures and visualise what will happen. There are many story board templates available for free online, or you can easily create your own. Before filling in their story board, your child can brainstorm some ideas for their story on a piece of paper and then start illustrating these ideas in their story board. They can even include text in their story board if they want to.

2. Provide help beginning the story

If your child is finding it hard to get started writing their story, you can try and write the beginning of the story for them, or maybe just give them an idea to start with. Or you can provide them with an ending, and then they can work out the plot and characters based on that.

3. Read a story book before writing

To help familiarise your child with story structure, read them a story with a traditional ‘beginning’, ‘middle’ and ‘end’ before they start writing their own. Explain how the story is structured and ask them to make sure they write their own story in the same way.

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