5 Tips to Encourage your Child to Read

Read my favorite story  again, Dad
Would your child rather clean their room than read a book? It can be hard to find ways to motivate your child to read regularly, but try some of the following tips to make reading something they can learn to enjoy:

1. Choose books that interest your child – what subjects intrigue or excite your child? Knowing what your child’s interests are will help you choose books that they will find intriguing and something to look forward to.

2. Try shared reading – which involves taking turns reading pages or chapters of a book. You can even both read the same book independently. One of the benefits of shared reading is that it involves participation from both you and your child, which will allow you to both discuss the book as you take turns reading and listening.

3. Expand your child’s reading material – if your child is reluctant to read a book, maybe start them off with a comic book, a magazine, a book of jokes or some other form of light reading.

4. Read by example – Children often pay more attention to what we do rather than to what we say, so let your child catch you reading regularly. Read in the living room or somewhere your child can see you, and make sure you leave books around the house for them to see, instead of hidden on book shelves.

5. Let your child choose their books – Take your child to the library and let them browse books that interest them. Allow your child to choose the book that they want to read – they will be much more inclined to want to read if it is something they have chosen.

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