5 Hands-on Ways to Make Reading Fun

We all know how much kids like moving things around with their hands, so why not try and make learning to read a hands-on experience? Try some of the following to make it all the more fun:

  1. Clap to the beat – who doesn’t like to clap? A fun way to teach your child about syllables is to get them to clap each one out in a particular word or sentence.
  2. Get artistic – ask your child to draw or paint a picture of their favourite part of a story. They can even write a few lines underneath to describe the scene.
  3. Put on a show – puppet shows can bring the characters and scenes of a story to life. Encourage your child to put on a show for the family. If you don’t have any hand puppets, you can always get creative and make them together out of socks!
  4. Play your cards right – create a deck of flashcards with sight words on them – words like ‘is’, ‘the’, ‘it’, ‘and’, etc. Make sure you create two of every word so you can play everyone’s favourite card game – snap!
  5. Take a lyrical turn – play one of your child’s favourite songs or nursery rhymes and ask them to write down the lyrics. Encourage them to point out any rhymes and maybe even write their own.

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