5 Fun Ways to Remember Spelling

Remembering how to spell certain words is so much easier when you’re having fun. Try some of these fun activities to improve your child’s spelling:

  • Rainbow Letters – give your child three or four crayons and ask them to write a word over and over again in each colour, layering the colours one on the other to create a rainbow.
  • Telephone – to play this game you will need to make a string/fishing line telephone with cans, or you can just use one of those cardboard tubes that come with wrapping paper. It’s pretty simple, just whisper words and their spelling to each other through your telephone!
  • Sand Box – writing words in sand can help your child remember their spelling. If you don’t have a sand pit in the back yard you can always place sand in some kind of shallow storage device, or better yet, go to the beach!
  • Shaving Cream – this could get messy, but it’s also a lot of fun. Spray a layer of shaving cream on a flat surface and allow your child to write their words in the shaving cream.
  • Fridge Magnets – say the words and have your child spell them on the fridge – a nice activity to take your mind off the dishwashing!

Remember, if your child has difficulty spelling a word, make sure you always praise them if they spell part of the word correctly, and try and suggest what else is needed instead of just giving them the answer. For example, if they have written part of the word, you might say; ‘You have three of the five letters right. One of the letters should be doubled. Can you tell me which one it should be?’

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