Get Organised: Back To School Checklist


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Getting your child ready to start school doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little bit of organisation, you can concentrate of making your child’s first day of school a beautiful and memorable occasion.

Here’s a helpful checklist to help you prepare for your child’s first day of school. Good luck!

  • Get your emergency contact information together and make sure that your records are up-to-date with your school. Nominate an emergency contact who would be able to come and collect your child if you are not available.
  • Make sure your child has all their required immunisations up-to-date and check with your doctor if you are unsure. Notify your school if your child has any health issues, allergies or medications and double check that their teacher has this information too.
  • If you have an opportunity to meet the teacher, take advantage of it early and bring your child along. This will help to ease their nerves about what their teacher will be like, and will give you a chance to ask any relevant questions.
  • Practice getting to school with your child. Stress the importance of wearing a helmet if you’re riding a bicycle. If you’re walking to school, walk the route together and review pedestrian safety and crossing the road.
  • Stock up on nutritious foods and snacks for breakfast, lunches and after school.
  • Label school supplies such as uniforms, lunch boxes and bags. If your child has a knack for misplacing things, this will definitely come into good use for later!
  • Mark school events and key dates on a family calendar and stick it on the fridge – it will take out the stress of scrambling around for important dates throughout the year.
  • In the summer months, include a frozen drink or ice block in your child’s lunch box which helps to prevent bacteria and food poisoning. Plus, don’t forget to use suntan lotion and keep it somewhere visible and handy in the mornings. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen to your child’s face, neck, arms and legs each morning.
  • And most importantly, have a conversation with your child about how they feel about starting school and talk over any concerns, such as making new friends, peer pressure and bullying.

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