Valentine’s Day Ideas to Teach Kids Valuable Lessons


For many of us, Valentine’s Day is about telling all of the people we love how much we appreciate them, and how important they are to our lives.

Expressing our appreciation for the people we love is a valuable lesson to teach our children, and what better day to show them the importance of saying ‘I love you’ than on Valentine’s Day!

Here are some fun activities to do with your child on Valentine’s Day:

Gift differently

Set aside some time to create homemade gifts with your child, rather than going out and spending money on something ready-made. Make it something meaningful, like a painting, a short poem or story, or a handmade card about the person they love.

Make a Valentine’s Day gift for the grandparents

Whether they live hundreds of miles away or right under your roof, it’s always nice to encourage your child to show their love and appreciation for their grandparents.  Help your child make a card, photo album or a drawing to gift to their grandparents, and let your child know how much their effort will mean to them. You can get your child to decorate and write their own message in our printable Valentine’s Day card here.

Teach them to express appreciation by starting with ‘I love you because…’

Encouraging your child to express their love and appreciation for someone is a great exercise, but sometimes it’s not so easy to find the right words. A good prompt to begin with is asking your child to complete the sentence ‘I love you because’ either on paper or in a card. If your child hasn’t learned to write yet, get the family around the dinner table for a special Valentine’s Day meal and have each person finish the sentence ‘I love you because’ for each of their family members.

Help them create simple Valentine’s Day messages for their classmates or friends

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for arts and crafts! Whatever your child loves to make, ask them if they would like to make a small gift for their classmates or friends. It could be origami boats, tissue paper flowers, handmade bookmarks or even a simple card. Teaching your child to show appreciation for the people around them, even those who they may not talk to very often, is a great lesson in respecting and accepting others, as well as maintaining positive relationships with the people they see every day.

Surprise your kids with cut out love hearts

You never know when somebody you love may need to hear it most! Cut out some hearts using scissors and pink construction paper and leave them for your child to find on Valentine’s Day. You can put some in their lunchbox, by their bedside table or inside a book to remind them of how special they are. Demonstrating love and appreciation is the best way to encourage it, while making them feel extra loved on Valentine’s Day!

Set a powerful example by volunteering in the community

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect day to volunteer in the community with your child. Some good ideas that the whole family can get involved in include helping staff at a local animal shelter, reading to the elderly, or volunteering at the local soup kitchen. Volunteering not only shows your child the importance of helping others less fortunate, it also gives them a newfound appreciation for their own lives and what they have.

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