Gorgeous Printable Mother’s Day Coupons + Fun Activities and Ideas


Mother’s Day is all about celebrating and expressing our gratitude for mothers, and the many things they do and sacrifice for us every single day.

RE1505051140-MothersDay_Coupons_650x433Most families agree that no Mother’s Day gift could be treasured more highly than meaningful, home-made keepsakes. In this post, we would like to help you celebrate Mother’s Day with our gorgeous printable Mother’s Day coupons plus some fun activities and ideas below to make your mother feel extra loved on her special day.

Rose and Stem Bookmark

Story time can create the most precious memories between mother and child. You can help your child create a rose and stem bookmark to mark those special moments with some pink scrapbook paper, glue, safety scissors, and green pipe cleaners.

With safety scissors, cut four hearts from your scrapbook paper. Turn one of the hearts upside down to resemble one of your center petals, and use glue to stick the top of your pipe cleaner stem in place. Place your second heart on top of the first and press down firmly while the glue is still wet.

Arrange the other two petals by folding them in half vertically, and use them to sandwich the sides of the center petals, using the glue to hold your rose together. Have your child write their Mother’s Day message on the petals. A great idea is to use the well-known writing prompt: ‘Roses are red, violets are blue…’

Recipe for the World’s Greatest Mother

Writing recipes are fun, and children love using their imagination for this exercise! Create a Mother’s Day card and write the words ‘Recipe for the World’s Greatest Mother’. Ask your child to draw or decorate the card with items you would find in the kitchen, such as a chef’s hat, a pot, utensils, and an apron.

Inside your card, help your child write a recipe for what they think makes their mother so special. Some ideas to get you started include, ‘one large cup of patience’, ‘a sprinkle of laughter’, or ‘one big serving of the warmest hugs’.

Mother’s Day Coupons

Treat your mother to something special every day. Mother’s Day coupons are so much fun to create and let your mother ‘cash in’ her coupons on whichever day she chooses!

Create a coupon book by stapling together the side of several long rectangular sheets of paper. Help your child decorate the cover of your coupon book with pencils, pens, scrapbook paper, and glue.

Ask your child to think of some nice things they would like to do for their mother, such as breakfast in bed, performing a concert, or reading a story. Create a coupon for each idea and encourage your child to write and decorate the pages in their own special way.  You can also download our free printable Mother’s Day coupons here where younger children can practice writing their name.

Love notes

What could make someone feel more special than constant surprise reminders throughout the day?

Cut out pieces of scrapbook paper and write special messages to your mother on each one. Invite your child to help you think of things to include, such as nice compliments, messages of gratitude, or a lovely quote from their best-loved books.

Encourage your child to write the messages on each piece, and leave them around the house for your mother to stumble upon throughout the day. Try leaving your love notes in place like the dashboard of her car, on the bathroom mirror, in the sock drawer, or inside the fridge!

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