6 Fun Activities to Improve Your Child’s Spelling


Learning and memorising how to spell can be challenging for children and adults alike. The rules and exceptions of spelling can leave children feeling confused and disenchanted to learn.

Spelling is important because it aids in reading and writing. Proper spelling facilitates clear written communication and helps your child communicate their ideas through writing in school and beyond.

We’ve put together some fun and simple activities to improve your child’s spelling – minus the frustration! Read our previous post: 

1. Letter Lily Pads: On large pieces of butcher paper, print the letters of the alphabet. Cut the area around each letter into the shape of a lily pad and lay them out on the floor. Have two of your children pair up to play this game, or team up with your child yourself. Have your first person read the word aloud. The second must step on the letters to spell the word.

2. Stair Steps: This is an easy one to help your child memorise the way certain words are spelled. Have your child write each word as if they are stairs, adding one letter at a time. For example:





3. Spelling Ball: Here’s something the whole family can take part in. Stand together in a circle with a ball. Call out a word, toss the ball to another person, and have that person spell out the word, and so on. If the word isn’t spelled correctly, then whoever has the ball tosses it to another person who will try to spell it.

4. Magazine clippings: Have your child cut out the letters from a newspaper or magazine to spell words. This will encourage them to consider each letter carefully and individually, while creating visual representations of the words as a helpful memory aid.

5. Scrambled Spelling: Give your child a number of scrambled words. You can use alphabet blocks or fridge magnets, or even make your own by writing letters on pieces of paper. Then haven them unscramble the words within a time limit. This game makes a great competition for multiple little spelling bees!

6. Spelling Train: Read a word aloud and have your child write it down. Using the last letter in that word, ask them to write another word beginning with that last letter. They can continue the ‘spelling train’ using the last letter of the word. For example:






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